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"Awajitanada-no-yu" and "Kuniumi-no-yu" found in Hotel New Awaji's bathing house "Spa Terrace Mizuki," feature "Sumoto Onsen," known as a curing spa, and our own nigoriyu (nontransparent) hot spring "Komoe Onsen." Enjoy these spas in various ways.

On top of the hotel (50m above the sea), the outdoor spa "Yumefusen"(by reservation only) offers a magnificent ocean view as you bathe from the highest location in the Sumoto Onsen area. Guests can also use "Tenkyu-no-shizuku" in Awaji Yumesenkei's bathing house "Yuhinkaku". This spa is connected to Hotel New Awaji by a seaside corridor. Enjoy the opportunity to freely visit various seaside spa facilities.

Awaji Tanada no yu/Kuniumi no yu

Awaji Tanada no yu

"Tanada" are terraced rice paddies, which evoke a feeling of nostalgia in Japanese people's minds.
Awaji Tanada-no-yu was designed to look like tanada, with baths in three levels, imitating local tanada rice paddies that can still be found on the island.
According to the Record of Ancient Matters (Kojiki - 710), Awaji Island was found suitable for rice cultivation. The bath has taken on the atmosphere of tanada terraced rice paddies.

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Awaji Tanada no yu

Guests can enjoy three different types of spas;The famous Sumoto Onsen is known as a curing spa (simple weak radon spa), the unique red colored Komoe Onsen (strong natrium spa), and the Takesumi-no-yu, said to have an infrared and cleansing effect on the core of the body with the heat treated bamboo from Awaji Island.

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Kuniumi no yu

The bath's design uses a lot of wood and rocks and is based on the story of Japan's creation handed down in the Kojiki(Record of Ancient Matters) . Baths with a smell of fresh trees make you take involuntary deep breaths. Guests can enjoy the curing Sumoto Onsen which originates from Mt. Mikumayama as well as the nigoriyu (non-transparent) hot spring "Komoe Onsen" with its abundant minerals. There are also jacuzzis and "bathing pillows."

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Kuniumi no yu

Komoe Onsen, which gushes out from the hotel site, contains abundant ocean minerals. After bathing, you will find your skin to be smoother and more moist. Guests can also enjoy a Jacuzzi bath. Bathing pillows allow you to look at the sky while lying down in the baths. Try the sauna and cold water baths, too.

Private Spa Yume Fu Sen/ Foot Bath Hinemosu-tei

A Great Time with a Great View from the Top of the Building

Private Spa Yume Fu Sen

Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean in the daytime, bright constellations and the moon on a sky canvas at night and a beautiful sunrise on the ocean in the morning. Enjoy a relaxing time with the changing scenery.

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Yume Fu Sen image

From the spa located at the highest location in Sumoto Onsen, enjoy the fruits of a magnificent view.

Foot Bath Hinemosu-tei

The foot bath "Hinemosu-tei" is on the top floor of the hotel. It is the best place to soak your travel-weary feet. On a fine day, it's a good opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of Osaka Bay and the Kitan Strait. Why not relax your feet and mind at the same time?

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Enjoy a relaxing conversation while soaking your feet in the spa, a foot bath with an ocean view. After a little while, your entire body will become warmed. The wooden deck and adjoining garden provide a spacious area where guests can have a peaceful time.

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